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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Why Pope Francis sticks to his old glasses

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Pope Francis’ message of simplicity and friendliness was put to action when he went to visit his optician to replace his lenses.

“The check-up is done just to be safe. Then, like always, he takes out the glasses that he has had forever and he says, ‘these frames are fine for me,'” said Luca Spezia the optician.

“‘I take good care of them.’ And at that point, you just agree with the Holy Father’s decision. So we change the lenses but without touching the frame because he wants nothing to do with buying a new one.”

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This was not a surprise visit. The family had been notified a couple of days before. Luca says that from the moment they were told and until the pope arrives, he is on edge. But in the end, it is another eye exam for a special patient.

“He is very affectionate with us. When he comes here, you can see in his eyes that he is happy to be here,

“During the technical moments, where we measure, choose the lenses and everything else, there is also small talk and banter. And he is always up for it. He makes jokes when he is with us.”

Optica Spiezia is a business that is famous among the locals and right in the city centre. The relationship between the pope and the Spiezia family dates back a long time.

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