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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Pope swaps jokes with comedians from around the world

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Pope Francis spent time greeting comedians from around the world emphasising their ability to make people smile in the midst of difficulties. He advised they hold those in power accountable without fear-mongering.

“You manage to make people smile by also dealing with problems, small and large, of history,” he said.

“You denounce the excesses of power; you give voice to forgotten situations; you highlight abuses; you point out inappropriate behaviour. But without spreading alarms or terrors, anxiety or fear, as many of those who communicate do. You awaken the critical sense by making us laugh and smile.”

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Before ending, the prayer for good humour of St Thomas More, which the pope himself often recites, was read by an Italian actress, who said this to the pope:

“Thank you, on my behalf and on behalf of all my colleagues. We find ourselves alone at funerals and this is a moment of joy. Thank you.”

In keeping with tradition, before the close of the meeting, Pope Francis took a photo with the comedians who took the opportunity to try and make him laugh.

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