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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Pilgrimage routes open for feast of Sts Peter and Paul

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Pilgrims from around the world came to Rome to participate in a pilgrimage dedicated to the apostles Peter and Paul for their feast day.

The initiative gave locals from the Eternal City the opportunity to see new churches and many volunteered to help people offering up the pilgrimage for a special intention.

The two itineraries included churches where Saints Peter and Paul are believed to have spent in Rome and the prison where both were kept before being martyred.

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“‘The Way of Peter’ is one of the two itineraries for this great celebration on the feast day of Saints Peter and Paul, which embraces the city of Rome itself,” said organiser of Quo Vadis, Francesco Sorrino.

“We have chosen two itineraries that touch on milestones in the life and journey of Peter and Paul.”

Francesco also shared the many reasons people were taking up the pilgrimage. “I met a grandmother who had come to the pilgrimage because, at the same time, her daughter-in-law was either giving birth or was in the labour room.

“They would have named the baby, Eduardo, but then, they decided to call him Peter Paul and she was going on the pilgrimage, praying the delivery would go well.”

The pilgrims did not leave empty handed. For joining the pilgrimage, participants received a special gift; a stone with words from St Peter’s letter in the Bible.

Francesco says this is just the beginning. The Quo Vadis organisation wants to make this an annual pilgrimage and even do other routes for different saints throughout the year.

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