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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Pope denounces persecution of Christians in Democratic Republic of Congo

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Pope Francis condemned the climate of violence that plagues the Democratic Republic of Congo on Sunday at the end of the Angelus prayer.

The persecution of Christians in this region is very high, home to 100 armed groups with some specifically targeting Christians. It leaves many vulnerable to violent attacks and sexual assault.

He called on the international community to help stabilise the area and denounced the persecution of Christians.

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“Among the victims, many are Christians killed out of hatred for the faith,” he said.

“They are martyrs. Their sacrifice is a seed that grows and bears fruit and teaches us to bear witness to the Gospel with courage and consistency.”

Minutes before, the pope reflected on the readings of the day and said Christians must discover the value of waiting and imitate God, who is patient.

“Am I patient in waiting or do I get discouraged because I do not see results? And do I know how to entrust everything serenely to the Lord while doing my best to proclaim the Gospel?”

Pope Francis also recalled that the day before, in Poland, a martyr who was killed during the Soviet occupation had been beatified. He then asked for a round of applause from those present.

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