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Parents ‘all clear’ to return to school grounds

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Five Dock’s All Hallows Catholic Primary School Principal Helen Elliott welcomes a family in to school PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

After a long year away, parents and carers have been given the green light to return to school grounds.

It’s been nearly eight months since school gates were closed to parents and carers in New South Wales, but those sacrifices are set to be rewarded come the years end. The NSW Government has announced they will be allowing parents and carers back on to school grounds for end of year presentation days.

Earlier this week, on November 12, the Government is allowing gates to be opened for presentation days, formals and graduation ceremonies on school grounds so long as social distancing measures are taken.

The good news comes as this year’s High School Certificate exams come to an end. Education officials worried that a COVID-19 spike could disrupt exams but having gotten through the period without incident experts are prepared to reopen school grounds.

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NSW Education Secretary Mark Scott congratulated school communities while reiterating the importance of maintaining social distancing measures and good hand hygiene.

“Carefully allowing additional activities to take place at schools will give our school communities a welcome return to some normality in what has been a long and challenging year for our students, educators, parents and carers,” Mr. Scott said.

“Schools across the state have shown outstanding resilience and flexibility in adapting to the many changes that have taken place this year and they should be applauded for the critical part they have played in the response to the pandemic.”

Parents to children in all years are delighted by the news. Mother to a year nine student, Renate Cassis says she is excited at the possibility of returning to her daughter’s school for end-of-year celebrations.

“It has been a tough year and all parents have had to miss out on some big events,” said Mrs. Cassis. “It’s very exciting to know that we may soon be able to return for the important moments.”

“We will all need to be careful but I am hopeful that school life may soon return to normal for students and parents.”

For information about parents being allowed back on school grounds for certain events please contact your school to find out their individual policies.

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