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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Addressing the increase of migrants and refugees worldwide: what can we do?

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The United Nations is reporting the number of migrants and refugees has increased this month with almost 110 million people worldwide having fled their home.

The number does not include those affected by conflicts such as the one in Gaza.

To highlight the severity of the situation, each year the Vatican dedicates a day to them. This year is the 110th and will be held on 29 September 29. The pope’s message, whose motto is “God walks with his people” has already been released.

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Cardinal Michael Czerny, prefect for the Dicastery for Integral Service spoke about the idea that people who migrate, seek refuge or flee do so for pleasure. “This is false, false, false,” he said.

In his message, Pope Francis recalls that at the last assembly of the Synod on Synodality, it was pointed out that the church needs to rediscover herself as a people walking towards God.

That is why Christians living in countries where there is no conflict are asked to be welcoming and not to forget that all, migrants or not, are equal before God.

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