Mark Shea: ‘Skagit Salmon Hatching’ – An Easter Sunday poem

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‘… even while the breath left this little one’s maker.’ PHOTO: Pixabay

Skagit Salmon Hatching
by Mark Shea

Far from the Golgotha horror, the bead
hatched in the icy baptistry where death
had long laid his first parents. Streambed seed
sprouted the new life, even while the breath
left this little one’s Maker as he cried,
“It is finished!” This spring salmon is born
of the countless rosaries laid by tides
where the secret imprint of truth is worn
in the ancient rocks and waters are wife
to sky. Whispering hints of the Joyful,
Sorrowful, and Glorious, wriggling life
slips the tomb, makes nature liturgical.
Three days later, did the Great Fish laugh, one
wonders, at this far-flung aquatic pun?


Fishing the Skagit River (catch and release of majestic creatures to plaintive 90s hip hop):