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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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‘Many ordinary Australians are both pro-gay people and pro-traditional marriage’: Archbishop Fisher

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Many ordinary Australians are both pro-gay people and pro-traditional marriage, the Archbishop of Sydney, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP has written in an opinion piece for The Guardian.

“They know and love people with same-sex attraction and want only the best for them,” he wrote.

“They know that such people have often suffered injustices in the past and sympathise with the complaint that something is being denied to them still.

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“But they also believe that marriage is a unique relationship that unites people of the opposite sex as husband and wife and, more often than not, as father and mother.

“Such ordinary Australians are not bigots.”

The archbishop reiterated calls for a plebiscite on the topic of legalising gay marriage.

“My own view is that we could all benefit from the kind of national conversation a plebiscite should occasion,” he wrote.

“Public discourse is enriched, not degraded, when people learn the reasons why others hold contrary views on any given matter and learn how to express those differing reasons within the context of civic friendship and reasonable disagreement.”

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