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‘Man of courage’ Tim Fischer to be honoured with Oration

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The late Tim Fischer AC will be honoured with an inaugural oration in his name at Parliament House on 26 August.

Tim Fischer’s successor as deputy prime minister and Nationals’ leader, John Anderson, will deliver the address.

“Tim was a very humane man who cared a lot about others,” John said. “He was intent upon encouraging them and supporting them to give their best and to have a go. He was also courageous. In many ways he was quite shy and courage has to do with overcoming self-doubt and the fear of not being afraid. Tim could put his shyness and natural reticence aside in pursuit of what would he have seen as higher objectives.”

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Tim’s wife, Judy Brewer, said it takes great courage and self-belief to make a positive contribution in public life and for her husband this came from his years in the army during the Vietnam War.

“But it also drew deep on the values of the family he was born into and those who taught and nurtured him along the way,” she said.

Former deputy prime minister Tim Fischer speaks to the media at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. PHOTO: AAP Image/Alex Murray

“He returned that support by becoming a mentor to so many others. He tried to be honest, courteous and respectful with people, acknowledging they would often have a different view or position to his.

“So many times I would see him making the tough phone calls or meeting people who were hurting and just trying to do his best to listen to them and provide representation or advice.

“This often took a personal toll on him as it does for anyone in a position of authority or decision making. Hopefully, the annual oration would help inspire others, particularly young people, to follow Tim’s lead.”

The Inaugural Tim Fischer Oration on Ethics in Public and Political Life will be held in the Great Hall, Parliament House, Canberra on 26 August 2021. Event starts at 6.30pm.
Tickets $30:

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