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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Launch adds passion to PURPOSE

Big vision, big future: youth from all over Sydney came together in Lidcombe for the unveiling of the Archdiocese's youth strategy last week

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Young Catholic adults from across Sydney enjoyed Mass, a meal and the launch of the exciting new mission pathway which will see Sydney Catholic Youth increasing its collaboration with other agencies. Photos: Alphonsus Fok

Hundreds of young people from across the archdiocese gathered with Bishop Richard Umbers for the launch of a new vision for youth and young adult ministry in the Archdiocese of Sydney.

The Sydney Catholic Youth (SCY) team at the Sydney Centre for Evangelisation launched its new mission pathway, PURPOSE, at St Joachim’s parish in Lidcombe last Saturday evening, beginning with Mass celebrated by Bishop Umbers, parish priest Fr Epeli Qimaqima and other clergy.

Present were representatives of Sydney Catholic Schools, tertiary institutions and chaplaincy programs, the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine which supports catechists in schools, the Vocations Centre and the Seminary of the Good Shepherd.

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There were plenty of possibilities on the table for youth at the launch – including chatting to a Capuchin.

The theme of PURPOSE was chosen for the focus on recognising and promoting collaboration between Sydney Catholic Youth, Catholic education providers and other archdiocesan agencies in recognition that many young people today lack a strong sense of purpose as individuals, or of what Catholics believe and do, Milad Khallil, Team Leader of Sydney Catholic Youth explained.

“We need them to understand that everything we do as Catholics, regardless of whether it’s going to Mass or Confession, acts of charity or even building community; everything we do has a purpose and we have an obligation to share that with them, to bring a deeper sense of purpose and meaning into their lives,” he said.

Episcopal vicar for evangelisation Bishop Richard Umbers voices his support for the archdiocese’s youth outreach at the launch of PURPOSE.

The PURPOSE framework includes streams catering specifically to primary students, high school students, young adults, and one which aims to capture high school leavers and help to transition them from school to post-school life.

Milad said the night was “overwhelmingly positive”. “There was just an amazing level of energy in the room, and it was great to see young people together again who were genuinely excited about what lies ahead.”

Director of the Sydney Centre for Evangelisation Daniel Ang said the evening represented the launch of a new chapter in youth ministry here in Sydney, with greater opportunities for solid Catholic formation and Christ-centred evangelisation, from primary students, high school students, those who have completed high school, through to young adults.

Sydney Catholic Youth team leader Milad Khalil said YOUCAT, the youth catechism of the Catholic Church, was one inspiration for the new youth strategy.

“This has been the fruit of much needed collaboration between our agencies including our Catholic schools, university chaplaincies, priests and religious, and movements, all of whom were represented on the night and share the vision of ensuring our young people in Sydney know their purpose, their mission in Christ,” he said.

“Making young disciples takes great faith and mature leadership and in the midst of a culture that is increasingly closed to the truth and love of Jesus, Milad and team are bringing a depth of formation and a clarity of compelling offerings that I think will have great impact on what young people will experience, know and how they will serve Christ in the coming years.

“Congratulations to the team and thank you to Bishop Umbers for his blessing and support of this new chapter of evangelisation marked by joy and fidelity”.


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