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Off to school for the gorgeous Georgas triplets!

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John and Antonella Georgas with their children twins Tristan, Luis and Alexia and older sister Sienna. PHOTO: G Portelli

Milestone for trio featured in The Catholic Weekly

When Tristan, Luis and Alexia Georgas start kindergarten at St Mary’s Primary School in Rydalmere next week, it will be a “bittersweet moment” for their parents.

The mixed triplets (Tristian and Luis are identical while Alexia is fraternal) who featured in a 2017 The Catholic Weekly article turned five last November. They can’t wait to enter the school gates on 2 February where they will finally join their big sister Sienna who is entering Year 2.

But for mum Antonella this latest Georges family milestone is “a bittersweet moment” for her and husband John. “The past four a half years since they started day care has been an experience we’ll never forget and over the years we’ve said we can’t wait until they start school,” she said. “Now that day has finally come.

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Luis (left), Alexia and Tristan Georgas check out their new classroom at St Mary’s Primary School in Rydalmere. PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

While she isn’t sure if any tears will be shed she will take a day off from work to be available just in case things don’t go to plan. The family featured in The Catholic Weekly for Mother’s Day in 2017, when Antonella shared some of the joys of life with four children aged under five.

She also wrote of her fears and some of pressures from others that came with her high-risk pregnancy. People call me a super Mum but I’ve been blessed with healthy kids, which is so much more than a lot of people can be thankful for,” she wrote at the time.

While the past five and b
it years have been a whirlwind, the Georgas’ still count each day as a blessing. Of the three close-knit siblings, Alexia is “mischievous, the instigator, and drama queen.

St Mary’s principal Richard Blissenden, above, is delighted to welcome the Georgas twins. PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

She loves dancing and being dramatic so I think she will make a great actor one day or a dancer,” Antonella said. Luis has got a beautiful personality, he wants to make everyone laugh so he’s a bit of a clown.

“While Tristan is our intellectual, he’s very intelligent, he likes sit on his own without distractions so he can learn from the teacher, and he likes to talk about Jesus.

They are so different, and the boys are very close because they are identical but then if anyone speaks badly to Alexia they will stick up for her and it’s quite cute to see. But they are so excited about going to school, they’ve been asking every morning, is today the day?

St Mary’s principal Richard Blissenden said school is very excited to welcome the triplets in 2021.

“Although I have been in education for a long time I have not been involved with triplets starting school,” he said. “Their arrival has been eagerly anticipated by the team here due mainly to their older sister, Sienna, who has been keen to let us know all about them, while the whole Georgas family are great supporters of our school.”

Antonella’s tips for stress-free school mornings 

  • Have lunches and uniforms ready the night before
  • Make sure to have breakfast yourself
  • Have a cup of good coffee to hand – or whatever helps you to stay calm and focussed 
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