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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Gardening as medicine for millennials, and the rest of us

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The literature on millennials is extensive. And I have not read it. But as a college professor, I have lived and worked with them day in and day out for many years. More and more I realise that I face the same challenges they do.

I offer no precise diagnosis of the problems millennials face. It is obvious that the current cultural climate has serious consequences for all of us — though often more serious for those who have known nothing else. We experience disintegration and disconnection; we are distracted and bored. We form addictions. We are often not at peace.

For years I have suggested to my students that they start a garden over the summer. This year I am going to be more insistent. Gardening is not, in my judgment, just one healthy hobby among many others. Rather, I am convinced that this is the strong medicine directly fitted to address our worsening ailment.

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