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Meet Gabriele Kuby, the woman exposing the gender agenda: ‘There is no innate same sex attraction, no innate gender identity’

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Gabriel Kuby, author of The Global Sexual Revolution.
Gabriele Kuby, author of The Global Sexual Revolution.

On 14 October last year, a play called FEAR premiered in Berlin. The play, written and directed by Falk Richter, centres around five “zombies”, who are five pro-family women known to Germans for their public rejection of gender ideology.

The “actors” poke out the zombies’ eyes, and at one point a character says “to shoot them in the brain, as only then will they be really dead”. The curtains close to loud applause.

Not surprisingly, life soon imitated art and there were arson attacks on two of the women. One, Hedwig von Beverfoerde had her van firebombed, the fire spreading to the headquarters of her family business, destroying it.

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One of the five is Gabriele Kuby, German sociologist, writer and mother of three. She is author of the book The Global Sexual Revolution: Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom, published in English translation in 2015.

She visited Australia in October, sponsored by Parousia Media, to warn of the dangers of gender-ideology and legalisation of same-sex marriage.

When asked if she was afraid for her personal safety, Gabriele thought for a moment before responding; “No, we have the truth on our side.”

It is not for nothing that she has been called a modern day Joan of Arc.

So what is it that she has been saying that caused such vitriol?

Gabriele speaks out against the global project of “gender mainstreaming”.

Although most people haven’t heard of the term, it has been “the guiding principle” for most of the Western world since the early nineties, and is being forced on the developing world.

Simply put, gender mainstreaming is the unqualified acceptance of all sexual practices under the banners of “diversity” and “freedom”.

While we may not have heard the term we certainly know its fruits: normalisation of sexually deviant behaviour; STDs; sex “education”; same-sex marriage; same-sex adoption; widespread pornography; legalised prostitution; contraception; IVF; abortion and the more recent “gender theory” which calls for the acceptance of bi-sex, inter-sex, trans-sex and any other “-sex” which fits under the roomy term “queer”.

Gabriele sees these developments as a “project” and not simply a by-product of culture after 1969.

“At first sight, it seems to be about the equality of men and women–a long, necessary and successful battle of the woman movement,” she said. “[But], radical feminism turned it into a war against men, motherhood and the right to life.”

“Then, at the 1995 UN-Women conference in Beijing, the term ‘gender’ was introduced, to promote the notion that sexual differences between men and women are only ‘constructed’ and need to be deconstructed. How can this be best done? By demolishing sexual morality, and proclaiming any sexual lifestyle is as good as another.”

Her insights help explain the extraordinary coincidence that all Western countries have a preoccupation with gender issues simultaneously.

It also helps explain how legislations that advance gender mainstreaming have been consistently non-democratic. “It is the ideology that forces students to adopt it, if they want to have a career.” said Gabriele “It used to be Marxism. Now it is genderism.”

Democracy was denied on the first sitting day of Australian Parliament (October 11), where the Labor Party, along with the Greens and other balance-of-power Senate benchers blocked the Coalition’s plebiscite. This is despite the majority of opinion polls showing that Australians want a say on marriage.

The so-called “Safe Schools” program followed a similar pattern. The radical, unscientific program that denies the existence of male and female was given $8 million state funding and implemented across 75 primary schools before parents even knew about it.

Despite public outcry, Victorian premier Daniel Andrews is rolling out the program and plans to make it “compulsory” for all high schools by 2018. The briefest research shows its toxicity. One gem is the website Minus18, one of the resources found on the Safe Schools Coalition page. As well as links to gay nightclubs and sex-shop Tools for Life (both removed after national pressure), it also features helpful articles such as ‘Healthier and Safer Ways to Bind your Chest’ – “if you do decide to bind … do it safely.”

Sexualisation of children aside, the ideology of gender mainstreaming does not pass muster in scientific research, despite the billions of dollars and academic dishonesty poured into it.

In a meta-study of 200 studies, Professors Paul McHugh and Lawrence Meyer exposed the non-scientific nature of the claims used to push the “gender agenda”.

“The whole LGBTQI narrative collapses,” said Gabriele.

“There is no innate same sex attraction. It is not supported by scientific evidence. There is no innate gender identity. It is not supported by scientific evidence. Most children with gender dysphoria grow out of it. It is not supported by scientific evidence that all these children need some kind of hormonal measures of sex change, which I think is simply a severe abuse of children.”

“Every cell of the body of a woman is XX and every cell of the body of the man, of all the trillions of cells, is XY,” she said.

The darker side of the movement is seen when it crushes opposition from those within the LGBTQI community itself.

Members of the same-sex community are ostracised when they do not agree with the narrative, do not stand for same-sex marriage or seek therapy.

It also explains why only two per cent of same-sex couples apply for marriage in the countries that have legalised it ­— two per cent.

“Judith Butler, American philosopher, is the inventor of gender-theory” as outlined in her book Gender Trouble—Subversion of Identity (1990).

“Her incredible ‘success’ in destroying the binary structure of human existence can only be explained because she is useful to the powerful elites of this world,” she said.

In this way, LGBTQI rights are the Trojan Horse that will bring gender mainstreaming into every corner of society.

The argument is simple: If you disagree, you are “homophobic”, and you might even be the cause of suicide. In this way, people’s innate sense of kindness is the weapon used to keep us in line.

Because the narrative does not accord with reality, it has to “force itself” on society. “It has to become totalitarian”, said Gabriele.

However, this is not Brave New World, and Gabriele is not Huxley.

She is Catholic, and knows there is always reason for hope. The sun will dispel the rainbow.

In her penultimate chapter of The Global Sexual Revolution entitled “Resistance” Gabriele lists the grassroots movements pushing back against gender mainstreaming.

Demonstrations in France; petitions in Germany; the closing of the Competence Centre for Sexual Pedagogy (which came up with the “Basel Sex Box” for kindergarten children) in Switzerland and on and on.

“We now have Catholic conservative governments in Hungary and in Poland. And the EU goes crazy,” said Gabriele.

“These governments have come into power by perfectly democratic elections but are portrayed as close to fascism, just because they return to Christian values and protect marriage, family and life from conception to natural death.”

For a “zombie”, Gabriele is certainly full of life, hope and vitality.

“People have to get up on their feet,” said Gabriele, “especially the fathers. Maybe if they see the danger, they can raise their head again, which has been so subdued through radical feminism.”

People like Gabriele are a rallying point for those whose ideal is a world where marriage is ordered, nature is cherished, children are innocent, men are chivalrous and women are ladies, and over all of it is a canopy of design and purpose – held in existence by He Who Is.

Get your copy of The Global Sexual Revolution: Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom at Parousia Media. It’s not light bedtime reading, but it does make you think twice about skipping your prayers.

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