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From little things great things come for Ada

Parish Hero: a Sicilian-born grandmother letterboxes her neighbourhood with hope, takes charge of flowers for the the sanctuary, welcomes Mass goers, recruits and drives a network of parish volunteers and has been a catechist for decades. Can anyone keep up with her?

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Moorebank Parishioner Ada Bauso in the Piety store which she manages with joy in the “service of the Good Lord”. Photo: Alphonsus Fok

Hope amidst a pandemic

During the peak of the COVID lockdown in 2020, Moorebank parishioner Ada Bauso had a strong sense that people in her community needed to know that God was there with them.

Encouraged by the Somascan Fathers who had recently taken carriage of her parish of St Joseph’s Moorebank, Ada began crafting homemade cards of hope.

“I made around 120 cards with messages that were inspired by the many prayer books that I was reading,” said Mrs Bauso.

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“I then walked throughout my community and anonymously dropped them into my neighbour’s letterboxes.”

Talents put to use

Father Chris de Sousa CRS, Assistant Priest at St Joseph’s Moorebank and St Christopher’s Holsworthy, praised Ada’s creativity in using her talents and limited periods of exercise, allowed under restrictions, to spread the message of Easter to those in most need of hearing it.

When another lockdown fell upon Sydney in 2021, the Sicilian-born grandmother of eight began making cards again and dropped them into another 120 letterboxes.This desire to serve the Lord, through helping her community, has been a common thread throughout the 42 years that Ada has spent at the Moorebank parish.

When Ada met with the parish’s altar society over 14 years ago, to offer her support, there were only seven members. Seeing a need that she could help meet, Ada took on a leadership role and has since welcomed 32 volunteers into the group.

Start with Jesus

“Whenever we needed more help I would say ‘Jesus, I just need one more person’, and I always got them,” said Mrs Bauso.

“Now we get six to seven volunteers every Saturday to clean the church and another three who beautifies the altar with flowers.

“I have been privileged to be in the service of the Good Lord.” Today, Ada manages the parish’s Piety store which includes organising stock and volunteers to ensure it runs smoothly.

Catechist to generations

Since taking on the role in 2016, Ada has been a welcoming presence to thousands of parishioners who flock to Sunday Mass at St Joseph’s.

Among them are generations of families who have been prepared to receive their Sacraments and taught the faith by Ada as a Catechist.

“I meet so many children who still come up to me to say hello,” said the catechist of 36 years.

“I thank them for remembering me and remind them of the importance of prayer in their life.”

Though unsure in her ability to teach other children at the start, Ada couldn’t help but to say yes at the invitation as she “felt that Jesus was calling her to teach the children”.


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