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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Evangelisation with the Holy Spirit will not be overbearing

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Pope Francis delivered a poignant message on Pentecost focused on two points: strength and kindness.

He said that the Holy Spirit provides strength and the energy that helps evangelisation in the face of difficulties.

In addition to strength, the pope also emphasised kindness. He said that the Holy Spirit provides the strength to evangelise without constraints.

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“And thanks to the Spirit we can and must do it (evangelise) with the same strength and the same kindness,” he said.

“The Christian is not overbearing, his strength is different, it is the strength of the Spirit.”

The Pope added that it is important for Christians to remember that evangelisation is meant for everyone, not just a privileged few.

“Let us not forget this: everyone, everyone, everyone,” he stressed.

“Let us not forget that parable of the party guests who did not want to go: Go to the crossroads and bring everyone, everyone, good and bad, everyone.

“The Spirit gives us the strength to go forth and call everyone with kindness, gives us the kindness to welcome everyone.”

After the Mass, Pope Francis prayed the Angelus out the window of the papal apartments.

From there, he thanked the people of Verona for their hospitality during his visit the previous day.

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