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Evangelisation is not a one time thing, says Edward Sri on the eve of Sydney-Melbourne tour

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Author and Catholic thinker Edward Sri will speak at events in Sydney and Melbourne, September 7-12.

Dr Edward Sri the widely published theologian, best-selling author and presenter will bring the Catholic faith alive from 7-12 September with over 20 events and talks around Sydney and Melbourne.

Dr Sri’s multi-media tour entitled The Catholic Faith Explained (see the program), organised by the rapidly growing Sydney-based Parousia Media, is like his vocation, aimed to bring people into a vivid encounter with the essential riches and resources of the Catholic faith.

Topics on Dr Sri’s Catholic Faith tour will include some of those covered in his well-known video talks and books, such as Walking with Mary, Freedom to Love: Men, Women & the Mystery of Love – Living St JPII’s Theology of the Body and his newest release, Who Am I to Judge?–Responding to Relativism with Logic and Love.

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Dr Sri’s remarkable energy, and his great ability to make Catholic teaching, moral life and theology accessible to many, promise to re-energise the faith life of diverse audiences, which will include parents, parishes, youth, students and all-comers.

Before he left the United States to being his first Australian Tour, I asked Dr Sri about his vision for the new evangelisation in our times.

His answers were insightful and full of his real humility:

“The most important thing we can do to re-evangelise the culture is to allow ourselves to be constantly re-evangelised. It’s only through our own ongoing conversion—our constant renewing our encounter with Christ—that we can be effective instruments in the New Evangelisation.”

Despite the fact that Edward Sri is a font of theological knowledge, he made this clear: “We’re not just passing on good ideas. We’re passing on a Person, Jesus Christ. The more we allow him to abide in us, change us and radiating through us, the more we will be an effective light to others.”

On his own sense of mission, he told me: “This is what it means to be a missionary disciple. If we are truly disciples who live deeply in union with Christ and experience what a difference Christ makes in our lives, we naturally will be driven to share him with others.”

However, encouraging people to meet Christ in the Catholic tradition has always involved engaging with the God-given intellect and power to reason.

Dr Sri pointed out: “We also need to form our minds. St Paul says we should not be conformed to this world but be transformed by a renewal of our minds (Rom 12:1-2). Christian believers too often take in too much from the secular culture—the culture’s view of love, success, happiness, marriage, sex and the purpose of human life: where we came from, where we’re going and why we’re here.”

He also noted that our attitudes and how we use our minds are subtly influenced by our milieux: “… this deeply affects us. The problem is not just that the secular view on these important matters is non-Christian but that they undermine so much of our faith life. We need to have a truly Christian outlook on life, a worldview that is shaped by Christ and his Church.”

He continued: “Many good people, even those coming to our parishes, have their hearts, minds and desires shaped more by the secular world—by Hollywood, by what the watch, by what they listen to—than they are by Gospel. That’s why adult faith formation is so crucial today.”

“We need to give people a formation in the Catholic faith that is not simply passing on the facts of the faith but engages the secular culture and values and shows how true human fulfillment and happiness is found in Christ.”

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