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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Encounters of the deepest love

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By Corrie Sebire

I remember after I had my first baby I didn’t want to leave the hospital as I was convinced our house was not safe for a baby. I thought we had too many stairs and someone would trip while holding the baby and an accident would happen.

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I didn’t have this worry at all during my pregnancy or when we bought the house but now that my precious little baby was here, it was definitely not a safe place for her to live … or so I thought.

Mothers never rest and if we’re not doing lots of jobs for our family, then we are thinking about things we need to do. Some nights my head hits the pillow and then I realise a load of washing needs to go out or that I didn’t lock the front door so I need to go downstairs and do that and then I can go to sleep.

Corrie Sebire with her seven children.
Corrie Sebire with her seven children.

It never ends. But despite all of the hard work, there is nothing that compares to the whole new level of love you feel when you become a mum. I’ve never felt that love before and it was a love that made me realise that I would lay down my life for my children.

It is the ultimate love that we feel for our children but sometimes forget because the responsibilities that come with it never end.

Sometimes we forget how much we love our children until something happens. If you’ve ever had to rush a child to hospital or watch them go into surgery or receive a devastating diagnosis, then you know the roller coaster of emotions that you experience.

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And just as there are the hard times, there are the beautiful moments when your child does or says something so special or you hear a glowing report about your child from another parent or a teacher.

All of those moments, the good and the bad, are part of life as a parent and I always tell myself that we can’t have the good without the bad and the difficult. It’s how in our family we’ve had to deal with the hard things that we have dealt with over the years.

In our busy world we really do need to take a moment to be there and experience it all and I hope this Mother’s Day that you can take a moment to rest and reflect on the big job but also the wonderful love that comes with being a mum.

About Corrie

Corrie is a wife and a mum of seven children under 13. She has one set of twins and one sweet girl with special needs. She tries to find time to bake, craft, read, volunteer, drink her coffee hot and not look tired. Corrie blogs at

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