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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Desk the answer to dad’s prayer

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A Sydney company has come up with an easy to assemble desk to not only ease the shortage of homework spaces but also keep its 65 staff employed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Described as the answer to their prayers, the Chatswood-based printing company recognised there was a desperate lack of desks available due to both students and workers operating remotely, and designed their own version made completely out of cardboard.

Able to be put together by a child like a jigsaw, the desks made by Clarke Murphy Print have become so popular they are now being shipped overseas with chairs, stand-up desks, cubby houses, stools and doll houses to be added to the range.

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Clarke Murphy Print’s cardboard desk, popular with homeschooling families during the COVID-19 pandemic

Portable and lightweight while being incredibly sturdy, the products have enabled the business to thrive at a time when so many are facing closure.

General manager James McGrath said deciding to diversify proved how important it is to evolve particularly in times of hardship.

The father of three children at Sydney catholic schools said he never lost faith in the product which quite simply stemmed from him reclaiming his dining room table which had been turned into a school zone.

“We started talking at work about kids schooling remotely and how we had all lost that sacred space … the dinner table to their studies so we came up with the build-a-desk design,” he said.

“There was a lot of talk about desks selling out due to demand so we decided to get creative and attract new business.”

“There was a lot of talk about desks selling out due to demand so we decided to get creative and attract new business.

“Being in the printing and design industry we were looking at sales halving for our business due to the pandemic which would have forced us to scale the business down.

“We came up with the desk in a matter of days which is extremely lightweight but also very sturdy and enables you to carry it from room to room.

“A lot of businesses have been purchasing them for their staff who are also working from home and not been able to purchase one due to shortages.

“It just goes to show what can be done if you are prepared to get a little creative and take a risk.”

The innovative desks can be delivered within 48 hours anywhere across the country and new designs are currently in the planning process and will be available soon.

For details or to purchase a desk go to Build-A-Desk

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