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Christian cop leads Miranda men’s revival

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Miranda men's group - The Catholic Weekly
Our Lady Star of the Sea Church, Miranda. Images by Giovanni Portelli Photography © 2018

We may not take the first half of Jesus’ teaching to “take up your cross and follow me” quite explicitly these days as centuries ago. 

For many men in the 21st century their desire for Christ still burns just as fiercely.  

Such is the case in Miranda, where a new men’s ministry is about to be born at Our Lady Star of the Sea. 

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Parishioner and police officer Daniel is spearheading the group, starting on 10 July at 7pm, offering a place for men to discover the church and their purpose in it together. 

“In this modern age, the Catholic Church is one of the few sources left to men that is a genuine place of strength and resilience,” Daniel said. 

Inspired by the Alpha course, Daniel is seeking a place for people to come together at different points in their faith to learn more about the church’s teaching on masculinity. 

Beginning fortnightly, the first meeting will be an introductory discussion to discuss what attendees might like to learn and take away from the group. In the works is a look at six lectures by US evangelist Bishop Robert Barron on the Mass. 

Miranda men's group - The Catholic weekly
Men at maximus Men’s Ministry night. photo: Alphonsus Fok.

In the line of duty, Daniel has seen the rougher side of life. It’s often left him clinging to his faith.  

“A lot of my friends and co-workers get worn out and their duty takes a toll on them and their families,” he said.  

“My faith has helped build a resilience to that and helps me get through things I otherwise might not have known how to. 

“If that’s something I can help other people come to, that would be amazing.” 

Assisting him set up the new initiative is parish secretary Bernadette Fabris, who after parish renewal training last year alongside Fr John Greig have sought to find ways to reinvigorate community life outside of the Sunday obligation.  

“One of the key takeaways from that training was that people in your parish need to belong to something that gives a sense of it being theirs,” she told The Catholic Weekly. 

“We want these men to be able to take the lessons into their lives and out into the way they live in the world.” 

Daniel’s lessons have certainly helped him on his own journey as a husband and new father. 

“I’m thinking about what sort of role model I want him to see. When he goes out into the world and comes home with questions, I want to be able to be prepared to answer those,” he said.  

“There’s a lot of men and young boys out there who want purpose and want peace, but also want to have a sense of strength and resilience and support.  

“It’s only really Christ’s way that is true for salvation and true to a masculine path.” 

Bernadette says Daniel is in some ways “on a bit of a crusade.” 

“So much of what he does exposes him to a lot of really nasty stuff, so Daniel wants to be out there working against those things persecuting the church.  

“He’s very enthusiastic and motivated for people to come along.” 

The inaugural meeting for the new men’s group will be held on Wednesday 10 July at 7pm at Our Lady Star of the Sea, Miranda. 

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