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Celebrating Mother’s Day while in isolation

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Guest Contributor
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In the era of COVID-19, holidays will feel a little different than usual, and Mother’s Day is no exception.

The spread of the coronavirus might stop you from leaving your home and being around older relatives, but it can’t stop you from celebrating the mothers in your life.

A quarantine Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be depressing.


Whether you’re isolating together or unfortunately apart, there are plenty of fun ways you can show Mum that you’re thinking of her.

A quarantine Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be depressing. We’ve created a list of 20 unique activities to bring your whole family together safely this year.

1. Digitise the family recipes

No doubt you’re having more home-cooked meals than ever, so it’s a perfect time to digitize your family’s favourite recipes while preserving special family food traditions. You can even have grandparents and other family members send over contributions to produce a family cookbook that can be handed down from generation to generation.

2. Make a customised playlist

Working from home, escaping quarantine with a short drive, or doing small projects around the house – everything is better with the right music. It can be a very personal gift and shows that you took the time to create something just for her. Apps like Spotify make it easy for everyone in the family to contribute. Go the extra mile by making separate playlists for specific activities or different times of the day.

3. Host a tea party

This classic and timeless Mother’s Day celebration idea might normally take place at a fancy hotel, but it can easily be replicated in your home. Choose a tea theme, such as a specific type or region, and pair each one with a different dessert or snack for an easy, at-home party.

4. Complete a personalised puzzle

Order a puzzle made out of a favourite family photo that will double as a framable piece of art for your home. Puzzles are a fun, wholesome activity for families to pass the time, and a customised one makes a sweet keepsake gift.

5. Plant a garden

Mother’s Day happens to fall right at the start of autumn which is planting season! So, spend some time on mum’s special day planting a garden with both leafy and root vegetables. She’ll love the time spent together, and you can both enjoy the harvest in the coming months.

6. Have a relaxing family movie night

Netflix awaits when you plan that special Mother’s Day evening. After dinner, have everyone pile up on the couch with popcorn to watch mum’s favourite movie. Then, if there are little kids in the mix, give her the night off from bedtime duty.

COVID-19 isolation is a great chance to really spoil Mum on Mother’s Day.

7. Go on a long walk

If your mum’s daily life has gotten super busy, chill things out on her special day with a long walk together. You’ll get exercise while engaging in one of her favourite pastimes: spending quality time with you.

8. Let her sleep in or take a midday nap

Sleep. It’s what every mum craves. In fact, recent studies found that 43 per cent of parents with young babies only get 1 to 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Yikes. So, if you’re looking for Mother’s Day ideas for mums, letting her get some extra shut-eye might be a good place to start.

9. Hire a cleaning service

We can’t think of any mum who would refuse a bit of extra help in the house. That’s why a weekly, monthly, or one-time cleaning service is on our list of the best Mother’s Day ideas. Take the task of deep-cleaning off her plate by having a professional come in and tackle it for her; this will free up her time for a bit of self-care.

10. Use a meal delivery service

Similarly, you can outsource dinner now, too. With a host of meal subscription services out there you can give mum a bit of a head start when it comes to dinner prep. Even better? Get in the kitchen and help her prepare the meal that’s been delivered

11.  Draw her a warm bath

After the kids are in bed, treat mum to a luxurious bath to help her relax and unwind. Gift her a spa set that she can enjoy while she soaks in the tub.

12.  Opt for Snail Mail

This might seem like an outdated method of communication, but a handwritten letter is both sentimental and heartfelt.

13. Start a book club

This activity is great because you can involve mum, grandma, siblings and friends to gather together (virtually) and indulge in some great literature. As you are reading the book separately, you will feel connected to your group knowing that you will come together via phone call or video call to discuss your thoughts.

14. Order Her Breakfast In Bed

Not only will a restaurant quality breakfast supercede pancake mix or burnt eggs anyday, but it will also support all the local businesses doing it tough right now. Whether Mum is a sweet or savoury breakfast person, get her a massive brunch spread from her favourite local cafe, takeaway or delivered, and forget all about prep and cleaning up.

“Spoil your Mum with a home-cooked meal on Mother’s Day”.

15. Grateful Jar

Once you’ve finished your breakfast, take a moment to list out everything you’re grateful for. You can do this by yourself or include the entire family. Add each item into a mason jar. Fill it up. It can be a visual reminder that even though things are tough right now, there are things, like your family, to be grateful for.

16. Restaurant Vouchers For Post-Corona

A gift in the future is just as good as a gift in the present, that’s how the saying goes, right? If Mother’s Day is too much of a whirlwind, or her favourite restaurant has temporarily closed its doors, get Mum excited for the day everything is lifted with a voucher to a restaurant or hotel.

17. Give her a course or lessons

With everyone looking for something to do at home, it is a great time to buy your mum a course or some lessons. Choose something that your mum is interested in. There are a plethora of courses to choose from online that range from: personal training, dance classes and yoga, to creative writing lessons, sign language courses, art and acting classes.

18. Make a family video

Organise your family members and make a gratitude video. Individually get your siblings and the grandkids to record themselves using their smartphone or handheld camera thanking mum and sharing their favourite Mum or nanna memory. Then put it together using iMovie and share it with your family.

19. Hotel Room Bedroom

Find a few hours in the day to “lock” yourself into the bedroom. Use that time to do something completely decadent and selfish for yourself. That could be laying in bed and watching something only you want to watch, doing yoga, or some in-home spa treatments. Just take a moment to breathe and indulge.

20. Make a restaurant experience at home

Handwrite a Mother’s Day menu with some of her favourite meals and create a restaurant type experience complete with waiter service and just as importantly the clean-up taken care of.

“The spread of COVID-19 shouldn’t stop you from celebrating the mothers in your life”.
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