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A prophetic voice for the needy

Much of the work done by Catholic welfare, health and aged care providers for the most disadvantaged is done behind the scenes.

Vaccine mandates questioned

professor Margaret Somerville told The Catholic Weekly that she agrees many people will conscientiously object to a vaccination linked to an electively aborted human foetus.
Catholics call for conscientious objection protections A growing number of Catholic professionals are defending the long-held principle of the primacy of conscience against increasing calls for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination in different settings. The Australian Catholic Medical Association (ACMA) this month wrote to Prime Minister Scott Morrison...

Monica Doumit: Vaccine coercion is deeply troubling

The rationale for vaccine coercion seems to change daily By this time next week, I’ll be one of the increasing number of Australians who have received both shots of the AstraZeneca vaccine (what a friend of mine humorously calls the ‘clot shot’). Before COVID, I never...

How a woman’s fertility health affects her overall health

Free webinar will unpack key insights into proven method Few women realise that a woman’s fertility hormones control more than her cycle and ovulation. They are an integral part of her overall health. Natural Fertility Awareness Week, which this year runs from August 23-29, is an...

Don’t put off palliative care

Catholic healthcare providers in WA have signalled strong opposition to a proposed euthanasia law.
Many don’t understand palliative care and miss out on the huge benefits it provides, says specialist.

Beat COVID anxiety and stress: Why you should get vaccinated

  With school returning this week, it’s a stressful time for Sydney parents. We're all navigating territory I think we all assumed we left behind in 2020. If this lockdown is to continue, as the Premier is indicating, our collective mental health will be tested like...

Open invitation: St Joseph and the Masculine Genius.

Catholic men, as well as those interested in the Catholic faith, are invited to gather for food, fellowship and faith once again on Saturday 13 March for our first Maximus Men’s Breakfast of 2021. Happening just one week before the Feast of St Joseph, in...

New Greater Sydney rules: masks at Mass and congregations of 100

Premier Berejiklian defended her decision on the go-ahead for the New Year's Test as necessary to preserve jobs and keep public morale high

Vatican issues 20-point call for equitable vaccine access

The Vatican document called for the negotiation of international agreements to manage the vaccine patents

A vaccine for all: 20 points for a fairer world

Here we have a broad horizon that evokes the principles of the Church’s Social Doctrine, such as human dignity and the preferential option for the poor, solidarity and subsidiarity, the common good and the care of our common home, justice and the universal destination of goods