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CaSPA’s cool celebrations

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Sian Fuller (left) performs with Charmaine Llave. PHOTO: CaSPA

His Holiness Pope Francis once wrote that “architects and painters, sculptors and musicians, filmmakers and writers, photographers and poets, artists of every discipline, are called to shine beauty especially where darkness or grey dominates everyday life.”

The light they bring to life is essential for all of us, the beauty of art and performance drive culture and attempt to pull humanity upwards. As Pope John Paull II said, “Through his artistic creativity, man appears more than ever in the image of God”.

It is with this in mind that the hardworking staff and students of Catholic Schools Performing Arts (CaSPA) rehearse and refine their art, to bring joy and light to the lives of everyone who views their work with a particular focus on the celebrations for the 200th anniversary year of Catholic Education in Australia.

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CaSPA is the dynamic Performing Arts Program of Sydney Catholic Schools. Their mission is to provide opportunities for student and teacher learning, collaboration and growth through the performing arts.

One of the assiduous students working within CaSPA is Sian Fuller, a year 11 student from St. Patricks College in Sutherland. Sian and her two older brothers, Ethan and Jordan, joined the CaSPA program when they were each in year 5.

For Sian, that was way back in 2014, and she has been tireless in her pursuit of success.

“I am involved in CaSPA as a singer but have been fortunate to work with industry professionals in other aspects of the performing arts,” she said.

St. Patrick’s Sutherland student and standout CaSPA performer Sian Fuller. PHOTO: CaSPA

“I have recorded with John Burland and have performed in many different venues such as St Mary’s Cathedral and the ICC Sydney as a result of my work with CaSPA.

“CaSPA has not only formed many of my friendships but has also had a major impact on my confidence.

“Being able to perform in front of my peers and also audiences has given me skills in stage presence and delivery that I couldn’t have received anywhere else.”

Sian embodies the words of both Pope Francis and Pope John Paul II at CaSPA, where the shared mission does not focus solely on performance and art, but also on building and fostering faith within the students who pass through the program.

Using performance to share her faith with audiences is just one reason Sian so enjoys her time at CaSPA.

“Music is a wonderful way to connect people with their faith,” she said.

“The opportunity to be involved in so many things through CaSPA, including singing at Southern Region Executive Masses, Walking With Christ, Sacred Music Recital and the Catholic Mission Conference has connected me with my own faith and allowed me to share in bringing people together through Music.”

As CaSPA begins the buildup for the 200th anniversary celebrations, an anniversary marking both an historic moment for the Church and the success and importance of Catholicism in Australia.

Sian and her fellow performers are busy preparing themselves for the massive student ensemble performance that will celebrate the moment.

“There are many things planned for 2020 including the Sacred Music Recital, OES Memorial Service, Lights of Christmas and the CaSPA LiVE show at the ICC Sydney,” said Sian.

To see more of what CaSPA does, and to see if it is a program that may suit your child in future years, please check out our video from this year’s 2020 Auditions.

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