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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Candidates, activists to hold religious freedoms rally at Fairfield

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Historic first: former Federal Labor leader Mark Latham addresses the NCC state function in Sydney last year.

The growing need to protect basic religious freedoms in Australia has united three political figures who just a few years ago would probably have been on opposite sides of the political fence.

Former federal Labor leader Mark Latham, a Notre Dame legal academic now running for the Australian Conservatives and the young State President of the National Civic Council will come together at a religious freedom rally in Fairfield on Saturday 9 March.

Mr Latham, now a candidate for One Nation in the upcoming NSW state election, UNDA Senior Lecturer Dr Greg Walsh, now an AC candidate also standing in the State election and the NCC’s Asha Towers will address the rally.

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All invited

All are urging anyone with an interest in maintaining religious freedoms in Australia to make the effort to turn up and send a signal that religious freedom is important.

They cite factors such as Labor Senator Penny Wong’s current legislation before the federal parliament and the push to expand the controversial Safe Schools curriculum throughout all Australian primary and secondary schools as examples of religious freedoms being removed from parents and Australians in general.

All are concerned that the introduction of such laws or measures will effectively destroy the right of faith-based schools to teach the faith they believe.

Latham’s call to unite

Last year Mr Latham made a remarkable speech to an NCC function in Sydney, becoming the first former federal Labor leader to address the organisation since the infamous Labor Party Split of 1955.

For that reason alone, the event was historic; membership or involvement in the NCC has been sufficient reason for an individual to be banned or expelled from the ALP since 1955.

However in his speech Mr Latham said that the civilisational challenges facing Australian and global society are snow so serious that previous opponents must unite in order to have any hope of addressing them.

The rally will take place at the Crescent Reserve on The Crescent in Fairfield, just 50 metres from Fairfield train Station, from 12-1pm.

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