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Bishop Umbers encourages Social Media for Pro-Lifers

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Bishop Umbers at the Memorial Mass for the Unborn asking young Catholics to be brave on social media PHOTO: Patrick J Lee

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Sydney Bishop Richard Umbers has urged pro-life Catholics to use social media to voice their opposition to the injustice of abortion.

We should not remain silent

“How can we continue to cry out? How is our voice heard? Social media,” said Bishop Umbers.

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“We should not remain silent in the face of injustice. And we’re not doing the cause of the Gospel much good if we avoid public discourse. Each human being is made in the image and likeness of God. You may not do evil so good can come from it. Abortion, Euthanasia are always wrong.”

Protesters from either side of the abortion debate face off on Macquarie Street in front of NSW Parliament House on 5 August. PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

The Bishop’s words came at the homily of the Memorial Mass for the Unborn which commemorated the first anniversary of the legalisation of full-term abortion in New South Wales on 26 September last year.

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“A year ago many of us were gathered together at Martin Place, precisely in defence of these principles,” the bishop said.

Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican Christians of all denominations. And our voices were heard in our Parliament – literally heard.”

Despite strong opposition, legislation for full term abortion passed. Nevertheless, Bishop Umbers reiterated the importance of fighting on in the interests of unborn children and vulnerable women. While encouraging the congregation to be brave in the use of social media activism, Bishop Umbers also emphasised the importance of remaining charitable.

Social media – the mode of communication in the 21st Century

“Just as we would not go around screaming or harassing people social media activism doesn’t mean retweeting nonsense,” he said.

social media activism doesn’t mean retweeting nonsense

Given the importance of social media activism, especially during the ongoing pandemic restrictions on physical gatherings, LifeChoice Australia director Rebecca Gosper announced the online campaign ‘#notforgotten’ in tandem with the Sydney Archdiocese which will be held on Saturday 26 September.

Rebbeca Gospeh from LifeChoice Australia at the Mass PHOTO: Patrick J Lee

“On this day we will remember the babies lost to abortion over the past year, the mothers and fathers hurting because of abortion and the politicians who betrayed us and legalised abortion until birth,” said Ms Gosper, urging all to participate.

“It is critical that our politicians do not forget these tiny lives are in their care and continually advocate for their support for pregnant women and families. We ask all of you to be involved in this online day of action.”

A candlelight vigil for one minute was held at the end of Mass to commemorate the unborn PHOTO: Patrick J Lee

At the end of the Mass, a one minute candle vigil was held in silence to commemorate the children lost through abortion, as well as those women pressured into abortion by their partners.

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