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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Bishop Rolando Alvarez who was banished five months ago resurfaces in Spain

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Bishop Rolando Alvarez visited Seville, Spain, after being banished from Nicaragua five months ago by the Ortega regime for being willing “to denounce the abuses of the powers at the moment.”

“He pointed out the abuses, the lies, the manipulations, the deceit and the hijacking of fundamental rights by the ‘rulers,’ who fight with those who contradict them and he did not applaud their twisted and dehumanising ideas,” said Archbishop Jesus Sanz Montes, from the diocese of Oviedo in Spain.

The bishop also visited Asturias, a city in the northwest part of Spain where he collected the Libertas International Award he had not been able to collect on 29 May. He also took the opportunity to pray before the Virgin of Covadonga as he travelled throughout the country.

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He travelled to Rome together with another bishop, priests and seminarians as a result of the Vatican’s mediation.

The Bishop had previously been imprisoned, where he was sentenced to 26 years for conspiracy and other crimes. Since his arrival in Rome, he had not been seen in public at any other time thus far.

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