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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Biology isn’t bigotry: Why sex matters in the age of gender identity

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A lesbian, a radical feminist, a rape survivor, and a conservative came together for a completely civil and substantive conversation about gender identity.

The Hands Across the Aisle Coalition is a bi-partisan group of women who have committed to working together and leveraging their collective resources and platforms to oppose aspects of the transgender movement.

The following is the transcript of my introduction [Ryan Anderson, Senior Research Fellow in American Principles and Public Policy at The Heritage Foundation] at an event I hosted at which five of the coalition’s leaders offer a perspective the mainstream media too often ignores on this very important issue. I also encourage you watch the entirety of the event (above).

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“Thank you, John, and thank you everyone for joining us today for what promises to be an informative and enlightening conversation from voices the mainstream media has ignored. I’d also like to thank the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute for co-sponsoring today’s event.

For the past several years, all across America, parents, teachers and local school districts have been having conversations about how best to accommodate the dignity, privacy and safety concerns of students who identify as transgender while also addressing the dignity, privacy and safety concerns of other students.

Solutions were found, such as the creation of single-occupancy restrooms and changing facilities for students who identify as transgender while retaining girls’ and boys’ rooms for biological girls and boys. But activists attacked these commonsense compromise policies as “transphobic.”

By Ryan Anderson of the Heritage Foundation. Read the rest at The Heritage Foundation.

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