Organisers of the annual Day of the Unborn Child in Sydney say yesterday’s turnout was the best they’ve had in 20 years of running the event.

Paul Hanrahan, Director of Family Life International and organiser of yesterday’s rally, told The Catholic Weekly, he estimated the crowd to be over 3,000 strong throughout the day.

Over 3,000 people turned out for the Day of the Unborn Child in Sydney on 24 March. PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

NSW Police estimate nearly 2,000 took part in the street procession.

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Despite a small group of “pro-choice” protesters in Hyde Park chanting slogans, the pro-life procession, consisting of both young and old, including families with small children, made its way peacefully and prayerfully through the streets of Sydney’s CBD.

The day began with Mass celebrated by Bishop Tony Randazzo at St Mary’s Cathedral.

Bishop Anthony Randazzo gives his homily during Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral for the Day of the Unborn Child. PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

“Each and every time a human life is conceived, the child is a reminder of God’s love for his creation and we are reminded of his desire for our eternal life,” Bishop Randazzo said during his homily.

“In the case of the innocent, vulnerable unborn child, our witness may literally save a life,” he reminded the congregation.

There was standing room only at St Mary’s Cathedral for the Day of the Unborn Child 2019. PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

Following recitation of the Angelus at 12pm, the procession led by Bishop Randazzo made its way to NSW Parliament House where lawyer Anna Walsh gave the keynote address.

“The truth about the unborn child is that it exists as a unique human being, in time and space, and this truth holds when the child’s life is terminated through an abortion,” Ms Walsh said.

Children hold pro-life signs on the steps of St Mary’s Cathedral. PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

With abortion being decriminalised around the country, she said it can be expected that there will be another push to have NSW follow suit.

“Decriminalising abortion supposedly gives power to the woman and respects her dignity to choose. But the choice she is faced with is to determine the fate of another person, whose life literally depends upon her.”

Lawyer Anna Walsh gave the main address outside NSW Parliament House. PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

“If NSW enacts abortion legislation like that in Victoria, it will impose on us gestational age ideology. Gestational age ideology is based on a lie. Like all good lies, it is based on a kernel of truth. It places a threshold of when you can abort but it never articulates why.”

Ms Walsh offered encouragement to all those wanting to defend life saying, “This is a great time in history to be alive and to be a baptised, confirmed Catholic with the obligation to proclaim truth.”

The procession including both young and old, families and children, makes its way passed protesters in Hyde Park. PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

After continuing down Martin Place, then along Elisabeth Street, the procession eventually made its way back to St Mary’s Cathedral where Benediction was celebrated.

Mr Hanrahan thanked all those involved in the event including police who escorted the procession.

The procession makes its way passed Parliament House. PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

“They do a difficult job under very trying circumstances and with a lot of patience,” he said.

He also thanked the protesters for “giving us a clear image of the difference between the culture of life and the culture of death.”

Day of the Unborn Child is a project of Life and Family Institute Pty. Ltd.

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A young woman holds a pro-life sign. PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli