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Bechara twins join 70,000+ back at school

Markus and Jamie Bechara with their twins Ashley and Sarah. PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

There were more cheers than tears in the Bechara household when twins Sarah and Ashley started kindergarten this month.

Four-year-old Sarah said the best thing about her first day at Santa Sabina Del Monte was wearing a uniform in the “big kids’ classroom” while her sister Ashley was disappointed it was only a half day.

“They said it was the best day ever”, says mum Jamie. “They were so excited and happy.”

It was a little harder for Jamie and her husband Markus as the girls are the last of their children (they also have Daniel, 10, and Zac, 8) to begin primary schooling.

“We’re a bit sad and happy at the same time.”

She says that the hardest thing has been having two of them to get ready in the mornings and saying goodbye in the classroom that first day.

The newcomers at Santa Sabina Del Monte in Strathfield have joined more than 70,000 students returning to Sydney Catholic schools since the beginning of February. This year there are 6000 students starting kindergarten and around 4800 starting Year 12 across the Sydney Archdiocese.

The twins attended Santa’s prep campus and their transition to Kindy was “fantastic” says their mother. “They pretty much know most the teachers already and some of them came in and gave them classes last year.”

While the twins look alike they are non-identical and differ in other ways as well. “Sarah is a bit more independent and social, she probably makes friends a lot easier. Ashley really wants to be a doctor when she grows up and she is a bit more attached to me. But then Ashley was disappointed that her first day at Kindy was only a half day. She wanted to stay at school and eat her lunch and play with her friends.”

Jamie’s tip for those who will be school parents in 2019?

“Be well prepared and organised the night before and talk to your child and explain what school will be like so they know what to expect.”

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