October 19, 2018

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Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop was revolutionising education.  CCSP is all about make the parents voice issues count.

Education in Australia – where are we headed?

In the late 19th century, Mary MacKillop was revolutionising education. She was a woman who believed that education should be accessible to all and her school model was one that focused on giving students skills and knowledge that would improve their lives. While a lot has changed in the world of education it remains true […]

The concern in education circles right now is that in some places young people may not be getting the necessary skills at school to meet current and future workforce and employment demands.

Don’t stop asking – it’s your child’s future after all

Parenthood is by no means easy. As parents, from the day our children are born we nurture them and do whatever we can to give them the best start in life. Then as we watch them grow and begin to make their own choices, we often find ourselves flip-flopping between wanting to empower them to […]

Are we developing relationships with our technology at the expense of our human relationships?

Companions for life: Sign of our times

When my husband set up his flash new android phone it showed on the display the title of ‘Life Companion’ which struck me as odd since I thought I was his life companion! But it made me think – is this is a sign of our times – are we developing relationships with our technology […]


Opening up the lines of communication

In 2015, Pope Francis challenged Catholic parents to reclaim their roles as educators of their children. He said, “In our days the educational partnership is in crisis. It’s broken. On one part there are tensions and distrust between parents and educators; on the other part, there are more and more ‘experts’ who pretend to occupy […]

While some students seem to breeze through, for others these everyday situations can cause anxiety, which is why mental health and wellbeing is increasingly an area of concern for parents, teachers and students.

Keeping all the balls in the air

School is already halfway through Term 2 and hopefully your child has settled in by now. They may have already encountered challenges like forging new friendships, fitting into play groups, understanding school work and staying awake all day long – not easy for primary or secondary students! While some students seem to breeze through, for […]

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How to ‘unplan’ this school holiday

Christmas seems a lifetime ago and parents and kids are chomping at the bit in anticipation of the first holiday of the school year. Have you already planned this holiday or is the anxiety of how to fill empty hours with non-stop fun and activity overshadowing the chance for real rest and rejuvenation? Why not […]


Celebrating the grand carers and grandparents in our lives

The role of the grandparent in supporting the family unit has never been more vital with grandparents now the most popular form of childcare in Australia. Conservative estimates from the Council on Ageing (COTA) NSW reveal that than 200,000 grandparents across NSW provide almost 13 hours of unpaid, informal childcare each week. “Grandcare” ranges from […]

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It’s ok to not be ok: breaking the stigma of youth mental illness

When the largest-ever national survey of the mental health of our young people was released in 2015, it presented a confronting picture of teenage depression, self-harm and suicide. It found that 560,000 children had experienced a mental health disorder in the past year and one in 13 children aged between 12 and 17 had seriously […]

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Collaborative conversations: keep the communication going

Give your kids a sporting chance Is it accurate? Is it worth posting? It it safe? The quest for mindfulness Back in 2010, a young visionary by the name of Rachel Botsman coined the phrase “collaborative economy” and predicted the rise of “share” businesses such as Uber and Airbnb with her best-selling book, What’s Mine […]

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Give your kids a sporting chance

Every week, around Australia approximately 1.8 million children take part in an organised sport or physical activity outside of school hours. That’s around 62 per cent of all children aged between five and 15 years. There’s no doubt that playing sport has many benefits for children – as well as being a great way for […]

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Is it accurate? Is it worth posting? Is it safe?

In one of his recent reflections on family life, Pope Francis declared that, “a family that chooses to watch TV or play with their smartphones rather than talk at the dinner table is hardly a family”. As Christians, he said, we have a special vocation to foster family togetherness and that a meal at the […]

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The quest for mindfulness

Walk into any bookstore or supermarket; open any newspaper or magazine, and it would be hard to miss the mindfulness mania that has swept our nation. From colouring-books to join-the-dots, slow cooking, slow living and now even slow parenting – everywhere we go in our busy lives we are being reminded to ‘stop and smell […]