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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Archbishop Ganswein visits Michael Schumacher

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Archbishop Georg Ganswein. PHOTO: CNS

Prefect of the Papal Household, German Archbishop Georg Ganswein, has spoken about his emotional visit to F1 World Champion, Michael Schumacher, who is still unconscious after a skiing accident.

Speaking to German newspaper, The Bild, Archbishop Ganswein, who visited the 49 year-old Formula One driver last summer, said Schumacher can “sense” people around him.

“He senses that loving people are around him, caring for him and, thank God, keeping the overly curious public away,” the Archbishop said.

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Saint John Paul II greets Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher of Germany in 2005 at the Vatican. PHOTO: CNS

“I sat opposite him, took hold of both hands and looked at him.”

“His face is, as we all know, the typical Michael Schumacher face he has become only a little fuller.

“Of course, I include Michael Schumacher and his family in my prayers.”

While skiing with his 14 year-old son in the French Alps in 2013, Schumacher sustained a critical brain injury, leaving him in an induced coma.

He is now being cared for at his home in Switzerland.



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