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Archbishop calls faithful to adoration against NSW abortion

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65 hours Adoration in St Mary’s

In the midst of a political campaign to rush one of the most extreme abortion laws ever seen in Australia through the State Parliament, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP is opening his cathedral for continual Eucharistic Adoration and calling all Catholics to prayer against the bill.

Registrations are essential and can be made here

St Mary’s Cathedral will open continuously for 65 hours commencing Monday 5 August at 1.30pm.

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The prayer campaign will conclude at 6.30am on Thursday 8 August.

The bill will commence debate in the State Parliament on Tuesday 6 August.

This screenshot shows Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP calling all Catholics on 1 August to pray, fast and lobby their Members of Parliament for the defeat of the Abortion bill currently before it.

In a video message issued on social media on Thursday 1 August, Archbishop Fisher called all Catholics and Christians to pray, fast and lobby their Members of Parliament for the defeat of the abortion-to-birth Bill tabled in the NSW Parliament.

He decried the way in which the bill had been “sprung” on the community with “no notice [and] no community consultation that would allow abortion right up to birth.”

“You think of a newborn baby – right up to birth,” he told viewers.

Doctors,’ nurses’ conscience rights disallowed

Futhermore, doctors and healthcare workers opposed in conscience to abortion would be forced under the law to participate in abortions or refer women to abortions.

He personally appealed to all viewers to act.

“I need you to be praying, to be fasting and to be contacting your MP and saying this is not good enough,” he said.

The draft bill legalises abortion up to 22 weeks after conception and all the way until birth with the approval of two doctors.

Obvious contradiction: A 3D ultrasound shows a child in the womb. The draft legislation will allow unborn children to be killed at any time during pregnancy. At the same time, the State Government is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars annually into antenatal and neonatal Intensive Care Units.

It has been strongly supported by Premier Gladys Berejiklian and her Health Minister Brad Hazzard.

Adoration will be conducted in the Mary Chapel located behind the high altar in the Cathedral.

Entry will be from the eastern door on the Cathedral House side of the building from 6pm to 6am every day.

Spiritual approach: Eucharistic Adoration takes place in a Catholic Church. St Mary’s Cathedral will be open for 65 hours continually for prayer from Monday 5 August at 1.30pm.

Organisers have asked that all those wishing to participate register for an hour during the time period set aside as they need four people for every hour of the 65 hours.

To register, SMS the Archdiocesan Life Family and Outreach team leader Steve Buhagia on 0415 600 290 or email [email protected]  providing: your name, contact number, parish/organisation, email address and the hour at which you can be present.


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