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Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP issues statement on media surrounding Cardinal George Pell

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Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP. PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP has issued a statement regarding recent media reports in relation to Cardinal George Pell, the former Archbishop of Sydney and the Holy See’s current Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy.

The full text of Archbishop Fisher’s statement:

The Victorian Office of Public Prosecutions has now delivered its advice on its investigation of historic child abuse allegations against Cardinal George Pell. The brief has been returned but we do not know if or what recommendations have been made.

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The final decision now rests with the Victorian Police. Until the police make their decision we must wait and see. Justice must be left to run its course.

It is unfortunate that in the very week this happens media and authors publish and repeat allegations, some of which have already been thoroughly answered. This cannot assist the impartial pursuit of justice. What is clear, however, is that Cardinal Pell has cooperated in every way with multiple police, parliamentary and Royal Commission investigations.

Everyone supports just investigation of complaints but the relentless character attacks on Cardinal Pell, by some, stand the principle of innocent-until-proven-guilty on its head. Australians have a right to expect better from their legal systems and the media. Even churchmen have a right to “a fair go”.

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