October 18, 2018

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Amy Olsen holds her 1-year-old daughter, Piper, as she lights a candle on the Advent wreath at St. Raphael the Archangel Church in St. Louis Oct. 29. The wreath, with a candle marking each week of the season, is a traditional symbol of the liturgical period. (CNS photo/Lisa Johnston)

How to Liturgisploit Your Kids All Year Long

As it says in the Good Book, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.” Likewise, the liturgical year was clearly made for mums who need a little magisterial oomph behind them when they try and whip their kids into shape, and not vice versa. A friend of mine takes this very […]

Pope Francis greets a baby during his general audience in Paul VI hall at the Vatican 7 January 2015. Photo: CNS

Archbishop’s Christmas message: Shh! Our God is cooing

What sound most moves us? A natural one such as a thunder-clap, rain on a tin roof, or a kookaburra’s laugh? Or a more human sound, such as the weeping of a well-played violin or the weeping of those who must listen to one being played badly? A siren racing a patient to hospital? Or […]

A Syrian boy, who was among the people evacuated from villages of Idlib governorate, flashes the victory sign on 19 December 2016 upon arriving at a temporary housing centre in the countryside outside Aleppo. Photo: CNS

Simcha Fisher: can we celebrate Christmas as Syria burns?

One mother doesn’t want to give her kids Christmas presents this year, because she’s so upset over what a mess the world is. The essayist spends several paragraphs bemoaning materialism. She says she hates the way she buys her kids presents in part to shut them up, and she wants to see them playing creative, […]

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No place to lay His head? Must have lived in Sydney

I love our home at this time of year, with our Christmas tree up, fridge stocked with beer and cake, and lights strung out in the bottle brush hedge to welcome visitors. We gave the kids a trampoline this year. They would love a dog but apart from the fact their parents aren’t interested in […]

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP joins the parish of St Martha's, Strathfield, on 18 August for their centenary celebrations. Photo: Giovanni Portelli

Stuck for grace? Archbishop Anthony has you covered

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP has continued his annual tradition of writing a prayer for grace that people might use at Christmas dinner or lunch. So now there’s no excuse for not thanking the Reason for the Season. Here is Archbishop Anthony’s prayer of grace: God of Christmas and of every day, giver of all good gifts,  We […]

The Faces of Mercy triptych by Niké Arrighi Borghese. Photo: Courtesy of Michael Campbell

Australian artists present Faces of Mercy in Sydney and Rome

The Faces of Mercy is a ninety-minute work of art documenting the ‘narrative’ of Mercy, following the story of the individual soul and of mankind as a whole – its fall, purgation and redemption – through art, poetry and music. The combined work of world-class Australian artists Princess Niké Arrighi Borghese, a painter; Kevin Brophy, […]

Pope Francis greets the crowd in Paul VI Hall at the Vatican on 26 November 2016. Photo: CNS

Wish Pope Francis a ‘Happy Birthday’, in Latin if you so desire

Even though Pope Francis was planning a “normal” workday for his birthday, well-wishers can help brighten it up with special tweets and emails. Turning 80 on 17 December, Pope Francis was going to start the day with Mass, together with cardinals living in Rome. The pope was ordained a priest in 1969. “The rest of […]

A still from Spanish film 'The Skin I Live In' (La Piel Que Habito).

Matthew Tan: Soulless incisions in the frantic pursuit of ‘now’

The 2011 Spanish thriller The Skin I Live In (La Piel Que Habito), starring Antonio Banderas, begins with Banderas’ character, a surgeon named Robert Ledgard, inventing a revolutionary burn-resistant artificial skin. As the film progresses, however, it becomes apparent that the acts of plastic surgery that drive the invention of this skin are driven by […]