September 22, 2018

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Even an easy baby requires an adjustment period

There’s something special about seeing the start of the day, and it’s even nicer to be praying at dawn or shortly after. I’m glad to have begun the Church year and the Year of Faith this way. Not every morning, but a few times a week I’ve been enjoying some prayer time at first light, […]

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Ignoring the little voice that says we shouldn’t accept help

“We’ve had more cooking help this time than with any of the other kids,” Peter commented last night over dinner. “We’ve had more help, full stop,” I pointed out. Other people have driven our older children to school, play dates, parties and dance lessons, and dropped them home again. We were given the services of […]

Author Bryce Courtenay took a seat in Yahoo's Big Idea Chair in 2010

Bryce Courtenay and me

News of Bryce Courtenay’s death last month reminded me of my own debt of gratitude to the man, not so much for his books but for something I read about his approach to writing and life. About three years ago when I was feeling deep in the trenches of laundry and cooking and caring for […]

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Pregnancy a lesson in patience

Now that our baby is out here with us it’s easy to forget what it felt like to be waiting for him, but I want to remember because I think it’s taught me something about waiting during Advent. In the last trimester of pregnancy, and particularly the last four or so weeks, Peter and I […]

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And now we are seven

Our fifth baby is here! A boy, which now gives us a trio of little boys to keep our two precious big girls on their toes. I find it hard to get my head around the events of the past week except to say that I was as incredulous and awed and so tremendously relieved […]

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A visit to the confessional

Last Sunday was our baby’s estimated due day. The day before, I was waiting in a queue to buy tickets for the girls’ end of year dance concert and thinking about horses (of all things) when the thought popped into my mind that it might be my last chance to go to Reconciliation just because, […]

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Staying clear of wrongs in Schoolies’ rite of passage

Gold Coast venues are attracting thousands of young people for Schoolies Week, and there are some positive aspects to this period which often has been viewed negatively. Those like me who slipped quietly away from classrooms to further studies either at universities or other tertiary outlets or who ventured straight into the workforce often criticise […]

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Accidentally losing the first loose tooth

Recently Hannah lost a baby tooth for the first time. Wait, let me back up a little. For many months six-year-old Hannah has lamented that her perfect rows of teeth were stubbornly set in place while all of her friends merrily acquired gappy mouths and extra tooth fairy money to spend at the school canteen. […]

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An unexpected spiritual gift

Hannah was uncharacteristically serious when I picked her and her sister up from school last Friday. “I have to tell you something mum,” she told me. “But I have to tell you in private.” It didn’t sound as though it was going to be a good thing. I figured she might have got into trouble […]

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Entering our second decade of marriage with a new baby

Peter and I were married 10 years ago. It’s quite a milestone, but it feels less an achievement on our part than a measure of God’s grace so far. I had imagined when I was a newlywed that by the time we reached 10 years together we would definitely have this marriage thing all figured […]

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Should Catholics celebrate Halloween?

Halloween seems to be gaining popularity in this country and I have a problem with it, with the witches and goblins and the trick-or-treating. Should Catholics, or other Christians for that matter, be involved in a pagan custom like this? I don’t want to tell you whether you or your children should be involved in […]

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Weekend reading retreat a reminder of the mercy of God

I had an iron infusion the other Friday which took six hours while I sat in a hospital bed, giving me a fantastic free pass to spend a day reading Anh Do’s The Happiest Refugee. That was followed by a weekend in which Peter was again determined to allow me to put my feet up […]