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20 things to keep young kids entertained while stuck at home these holidays

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Need some ideas to keep the family entertained while stuck inside these holidays? We’ve got you covered!


Build a fort
Many of us will remember the fun of being a kid and creating a blanket fort, this is the perfect time to recreate that fun with our kids. Find an open space and some stools or chairs. Drape the blankets over the top and let the kid’s imagination do the rest.

Find an open space and some stools or chairs. Drape the blankets over the top and let the kid’s imagination do the rest.


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Kids MasterChef
There are thousands of kid friendly recipes online, find one you like and let them help you. Mini pizzas are always a favourite, let the kids choose their own toppings, sit back and enjoy.

Make your own slime
Prepare for a mess – and hours of fun! Easy to do and lots of fun there are plenty of recipes and how-to videos on the net. You can start by checking out this one!

Puppet shows
Puppet shows are easy to do and plenty of fun. Use their favourite toys or make new puppets and let the kid’s imagination take over. You can chew up a few hours creating a puppet theatre out of old shoeboxes or other cardboard.

Scrapbooking is simple, fun and best of all for parents – time consuming. With plenty of tutorials available, and cheap starter kits available from Amazon, eBay and other specialty scrapbooking online stores, it’s the perfect indoors activity.

Another great hobby for kids to start. There are loads of benefits kids can get from puzzles. From the physical hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills to the many cognitive benefits; shape recognition, memory development and problem solving. Puzzles also help kids of all ages practice goal setting and patience, something which may be of importance now more than ever. Check out the Jigsaw Store for puzzles for kids 0-12 and beyond.

Scavenger hunt
Scavenger hunts or clue hunts can be a great way to spend some time with your kids while you’re all home. makes it super easy for anyone, in any home, to make a great hunt. Download one of their templates and follow the instructions for a great time.

Board games
This one doesn’t need any explanation. We’ve all got a game or two stashed away somewhere, what better time to pull one out and spend some time as a family?

The name that place game

Download pictures and flags of famous places, create a slide show you can cast to the TV. The kids guess the name of the place or country to which the flag belongs. A great way to sneak a little learning in to the holidays.

Make a movie
The quality of cameras on most smartphones these days would blow Alfred Hitchcock’s mind. Foster some creativity in your kids by letting them shoot a movie. They can write it, act in it and direct it and with iMovie, putting it together is a cinch.

Online music lessons
Now might be the perfect time for your kids to take up the piano or guitar, a lifelong skill they can pick up now with benefits to last a lifetime. Jump on to Amazon, Ebay or just google ‘kids instruments’ and have a kid sized instrument sent to your door. With YouTube tutorials and sites like Yousician, your child will be a rock star in no time.

Check out our story on Audible Stories with hundreds of audiobook stories for kids of all ages, they’ll be entertained for hours.

Movie night
What’s better than a movie night? Throw on some popcorn and snuggle up together on the lounge and enjoy the incredible range of movies available online. For tips on what the kids might like, you can check out our list here.

Learn magic
This one may sound a bit weird, but you can learn anything online these days. Set you kids up with a deck of cards or a magic starter kit and they’ll amaze you with what they can learn.

Invisible ink spy messages
Here’s a fun experiment to do with the kids, all you need is some lemon juice (and adult supervision) and your kids will feel like spies in no time. Follow this link to make invisible ink.

Make playdoh
A Classic. With a few ingredients you can have some homemade playdoh in no time. Try using this link for a simple and quick recipe.

Indoor picnics
No garden available? You can still have some picnic fun. Put together some treats, throw the blanket out in the lounge room and enjoy a family lunch.

Another MasterChef style activity. Baking can be loads of fun and a great way for kids to learn and spend time with their parents. With nowhere to go, there’s plenty of time to spend in the kitchen and develop a lifelong love of baking!

Make an Oreo ice-cream cake
This is one of my favourites, all you’ll need is a bowl, a few packets of Oreos, some thickened cream, mixer and some space in the freezer. It tastes great and the kids will love making their own ice-cream. Try these recipes here!

Start a garden

Even if you’re stuck in an apartment these school holidays, starting a small garden can be great fun and good way to teach your kids some responsibility. If you can’t go out, Bunnings is among the online stores who can ship you some indoor or outdoor pots, fertiliser and seeds. Watch your kids as they tend to their plants and let their gardens blossom.

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