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Sydney Catholic schools to pray Angelus daily

More than 100,000 students and staff will make God’s entrance into human history a central part of their day from 25 March when midday recitation of the Angelus becomes a reality at archdiocesan schools.

The prayer, which originated in Europe as early as the 13th century in different forms, was traditionally prayed three times a day – morning, noon and evening – originally in the monastic context but over time to help imbue the ordinary Christian’s daily life with the spirit of prayer.

“The angel of the Lord declared unto Mary. And she conceived of the Holy Spirit,” runs the first verse, or versicle, followed by a Hail Mary. “Behold the handmaid of the Lord: be it done unto me according to thy word,” and then another Hail Mary.

And finally: “And the Word was made flesh: and dwelt among us,” followed by a third Hail Mary and a final prayer pleading for grace, that we might be resurrected through Christ and his saving passion.     [Full Story]

Enthusiasm for World Youth Day (WYD) is once again sweeping across the city as archdiocesan schools launch their pilgrimage offerings for WYD Krakow in 2016. [More]
The crisis of religious freedom is ostensibly about God, but in reality it is a crisis created by these religious terrorists who make themselves their own centre in place of God. [More]
Today’s Australian culture tolerates a situation that leaves 80,000 tiny corpses each year, women wounded psychologically or spiritually, and our healthcare and legal professions deeply compromised. [More]
As the end of her high schooling loomed, Jess Portas-Hills decided she didn’t want to go down the route of joining the usual schoolies partying on the Gold Coast. [More]
Dear Father, When I talk with my Protestant friends about matters of faith, they won’t accept any belief unless they can find it in the Bible. Some of these beliefs, like Purgatory, are not so clear in the Bible. How do I answer them? [More]
I have known George Pell for 47 years, since he spent a summer in my home parish in Baltimore between ordination in Rome and doctoral studies in Oxford; and I do no disservice to my old friend by noting that his sartorial style more readily evokes “Salvation Army Thrift Shop” than “Brooks Brothers”. [More]
How’s your Lent going? I gave up shouting at the children for Lent, but I’m not sure anyone in my house noticed. [More]
When farmers in a remote West Timor community learn to terrace land, harness water and grow sustainable crops for life, they’re able to guard against unpredictable weather and prosper. [More]


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