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Faith, prayer sources of strength for slain U.S. journalist, his family

In April 2013, the parents of slain U.S. journalist James Foley attended a prayer vigil at Marquette University in Milwaukee to pray for their son, who at that time had disappeared in Syria.

Before Diane and John Foley had confirmation that spring that their son was missing, Diane said she just felt it - he had missed one of his usual phone calls home - and once they knew for sure, the couple said they were relying on their Catholic faith to cope and leaning on prayer to bring him home.

“Faith has been part of family life, but this has deepened my faith because there is our hope. Our hope is that God will take care of Jim,” she said.

That strong faith will likely help the couple, who are members of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in Rochester, get through the fact that their 40-year-old son was beheaded by militants with the Islamic State extremist group, known as ISIS.     [Full Story]

When the Peace Corps announced in late July that it was evacuating its 340 volunteers from the three West African countries most affected by the Ebola virus, the action was far from a panic-driven decision, but instead followed a protocol. [More]
With the strife and violence continuing in the aftermath of Michael Brown’s shooting death by a police officer in Ferguson, more than 500 St Louis Catholics gathered on 20 August for a votive Mass for peace and justice at the Cathedral Basilica of St Louis. [More]
Cardinal Baselios Cleemis Thottunkal of Trivandrum, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, urged Catholics not to prejudge Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose political party is known for espousing Hindu nationalism. [More]
Cardinal Fernando Filoni said Pope Francis “was really taken” by the cardinal’s description of Christians and other minorities forced from their homes in northwestern Iraq by militias belonging to the Islamic State terrorist group. [More]
Human trafficking destroys the lives of millions of children, women and men each year, making it a real threat to peace, the Vatican said as it announced Pope Francis’ 2015 World Peace Day message would focus on the phenomenon. [More]
Pope Francis phoned the bereaved family of a U.S. journalist killed by Islamic State militants in Syria. [More]
Joy is one of the most difficult things for the modern world to come to terms with, and even more difficult to ignore. [More]
There’s no need to feel dirty, creating wealth is a noble mission but one with significant caveats attached, Fr Anthony Percy, rector of the Seminary of the Good Shepherd told around 120 business and Church leaders in Melbourne on 2 August. [More]
Eighty-two candles will light up the steps of St Mary’s Cathedral for a Friday evening next month as a vivid reminder of the number of lives lost to abortion each day in NSW. [More]
Jang Jin-Sung had a meteoric rise to the top of North Korea’s elite. Working in counter-intelligence and psychological warfare for North Korea’s secretive United Front Department he grew disenchanted with a regime that prospered while its citizens starved by the millions. In 2004 he chose to escape the world’s harshest totalitarian regime; the detailed autobiographical account of his escape, Dear Leader, recently soared to the top of best-seller lists around the world. Here, Mr Jang writes exclusively for The Catholic Weekly on the fate of North Korea’s Christians ... [More]
When I think of Cardinal Clancy, I remember a man who was reserved and charming; an archbishop who was prayerful, dedicated, humble and hard-working; an archbishop who was a man of integrity and self-discipline, determined and even-handed, who discharged his responsibilities conscientiously, in fact, with an overwhelming sense of duty. Of course, you were never in doubt who was in charge! But he always took full responsibility for his actions and was willing to make tough decisions. [More]
Feedback from our readers – either positive or negative – is always valued, especially when those who fill the pages of newspapers like this one find themselves staring at a blank page and pondering their next communication before building on an idea. [More]
Q: I am a recent convert and a mother of five children. My husband and I are open to life and have no intention of using contraception, but I have Catholic friends who use it and see nothing wrong with it. Is the Church really against it? [More]
Something about nurturing a little seed into a plant that produces something is deeply satisfying and somehow feeds the soul, writes Marilyn Rodrigues. [More]


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