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Archbishop springs surprise on school hero

Blue Mountains school principal Serge Rosato had no idea when Sydney’s Archbishop-elect Anthony Fisher OP called him up to the lectern that he would soon be wearing a papal medal for outstanding service.

Archbishop Fisher sprang the Benemerenti award on a humble Mr Rosato at a special community service of thanksgiving at St Thomas Aquinas primary, Springwood, on 17 October, marking one year since devastating fires destroyed 193 homes in the area.

On 17 October, 2013, Mr Rosato led more than 550 students and staff to the Winmalee Shopping Centre as bushfires threatened school property, even as he was aware that his own home had already been destroyed in the blaze.

Hundreds of parents, students and community members joined together in prayer and song before Archbishop Fisher, as Bishop of Parramatta, presented teachers and staff with a Catholic Education Office certificate of appreciation for their commitment to the children on that day.     [Full Story]

“I’ve written my wish list for Santa,” Hannah informed me while we drove to school one day last week. It took me a second to remember that this was something they did towards the end of the year. I think it was someone’s classroom activity one time and thus a tradition was set. [More]
In today’s world of no-fault divorce and transient pre-marital liaisons, long-lasting marriages are inspirational, even miraculous. [More]
The archdiocesan promoter of peace and justice is hoping to trigger a groundswell of support for Sydney’s Islamic communities in the wake of controversial police raids and a heightened terror alert blamed on Islamic extremists. [More]
A call to Sydney Catholics was “answered generously” when more than 1000 people gathered for 40 Hours of Prayer for Vocations two weeks ago, organisers said. [More]
George Cardinal Pell said the release of the working-group reports from the Synod of Bishops on the family gave a true picture of the assembly’s views, counteracting what he characterised as a misleading midterm report or relatio. [More]
Two prominent cardinals have denied making statements that were widely attributed to them about the workings of the synod of bishops. But in one case, a journalist has posted a recording of the remarks in question. [More]
Here is an edited version of Pope Francis’s speech to Synod fathers at the Synod’s conclusion on 19 October [More]
Halloween is growing in popularity in Australia, but how did the tradition start? [More]


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