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7 March 2004


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Help for Timor

Cricket: secret men’s business?


‘Don’t be a free loader’

MAKE A CONTRIBUTION: Some of the 1400 students who packed the gym at St Patrick’s College, Strathfield, to hear the premier

By Damir Govorcin

Premier Bob Carr may have been addressing the school body at St Patrick’s College, Strathfield, but his message could have been directed at people of all ages.

“Don’t be a free loader,” he said. “Look at ways you can make a contribution.”

Mr Carr told the 1400 students in the college gymnasium that Leonardo da Vinci had said that “people who don’t make a contribution are good for two things – eating food and filling toilets”.

The Premier urged them to “make contributions to your family, school and the wider community”.

“Be someone who helps us get along,” he said.

“Make a difference in the school.

“You don’t have to be the top performer in your class to make a contribution or have to be the brightest boy in the school, but you need to be someone who understands other people.

“As long as we live, we have to keep learning.”

Special guests included three State MPs – MLC Tony Burke, who was college vice-captain in 1987, Heathcote MLA Paul McLeay, who was vice-captain in 1990, and local member Virginia Judge, a former mayor of Strathfield – and Br James McGlade, former headmaster of the college and ex-provincial of the Christian Brothers.