Catholic Weekly

18 July 2004


De La Salle, Cronulla, just keeps on giving

Row rages over TV doco on abortion

Christian Brothers won’t quit schools

Afternoon tea for Cardinal

State aid challenge ‘a waste of time, money’

Pope’s condolences

Appeal for information on Changi priests

Prior re-elected

Pitter patter: Chatterbabe

‘Festival’ became Catalyst for Renewal

Stability of marriage ‘is crucial to society’

Cardinal’s Comment: Honesty – it will always be the best policy

Editorial: Sure to shock

Letters: Great joy

Conversation: Matthew Hayden, Test cricketer and man of faith - When I’m in trouble, I ask: ‘What would Christ do?’

St Vincent de Paul: Future care of frail, aged

‘Grave obstacle’ to peace

‘Time of grief’ when abortion documentary airs on ABC

Church in Papua New Guinea looks to stand alone as a self-reliant entity

Aunt would have been ‘delighted’

Any food for the orphans?

Assisi turned Marilla to song

Early Mozart in Latin for ACO

Bars no barrier to the message of the Gospel

Green, green grass of ...


Bars no barrier to the message of the Gospel


The only knowledge that many prison inmates have of Jesus Christ is as a profanity, when his name is taken in vain, says Kairos volunteer George Novak.

George, a Catholic, has been visiting prisoners in NSW jails since 1996, spreading the message of Christ’s love, compassion and forgiveness.

A secondary school teacher for the past five years, George has also been chairman of Kairos Prison Ministry Australia, an interdenominational Christian prison ministry conducted by lay people.

He says introducing armed robbers, drug offenders, murderers and sex offenders to Christ has had a profound effect on his own faith.

“God put his hand on my heart to help people in prison and, after about a year praying on it, I decided to go through with it,” he said.

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