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18 July 2004


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Early Mozart in Latin for ACO

Bars no barrier to the message of the Gospel

Green, green grass of ...


Christian Brothers won’t quit schools

By Damir Govorcin

The Christian Brothers won’t be walking away from their role in education here, even though their congregation leader, Br Philip Pinto, has “invited” the order to refocus its energy into missionary work in Asia.

In a letter to the Holy Spirit province (Western Australia and South Australia), Br Philip observed that the “need that saw us setting up our schools in many of our current ministry sites is now being adequately met by others, in many instances by the state itself”.

Br Philip said: “If I were to make a broad, general statement about our ministry in our communities in the developed world I would say that they come across as having served their purpose well.

“This is not to take away from the efforts of our Brothers who give so generously of themselves.

“But it is to say that it is generally not the type of ministry that fires the imagination and attracts the idealism and commitment of today’s young people.

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