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2 November 2003


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‘Richest year of my life’


New college Campus

new_college.jpg Scenes from opening day celebrations at the St Maroun’s College secondary campus in Dulwich Hill

By Damir Govorcin

“We hope and pray that the students within the buildings shall go forth in this busy world, realising the worth of every human being, the dignity of all, and that they need to exert their maximum effort to maintain a free and equal society, in which all may flourish, thrive and prosper,” said Sr Madeleine De La Croix.

Sr Madeleine, principal of St Maroun’s College, Dulwich Hill, was addressing staff, students, parents and special guests at the opening of the college’s new secondary campus.

The college will have further cause for celebration later this year when its first Year 12 class graduates.

Dr George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, opened the building in front of a gathering that included Bishop Ad Abikaram, Bishop of the Maronite diocese of

St Maroun, Sydney, State Opposition Leader John Brogden, State Labor MP Linda Burney (representing Premier Bob Carr) and Ross Cameron, Federal Liberal MP (representing Prime Minister John Howard).

In a message, Mr Howard said that the college has “developed a reputation for committed and caring staff, enthusiastic students and an active school community”.

“The Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family began educating children in Australia in 1970, and for 33 years they have provided high quality Christian education and promoted academic excellence,” he said.

“The school has a proud history of nurturing students’ faith and encouraging them to value learning, to respect themselves and others and to reach their full potential.”

He said St Maroun’s has established strong community links and is recognised for encouraging its students to make a positive contribution to society.

School captain Charlie Taouk praised the dedication and hard work of the sisters, teachers and staff for providing an “educational experience that emphasises the moral and spiritual development of each individual”.

“As a student who has been educated at this school from the age of five, I have watched the school develop and progress over the years,” he said.

“At first St Maroun’s was only a primary school, but as the years passed the sisters acknowledged the need for the school to grow and to provide an opportunity for students to continue their education to Year 12.

“This was the genesis for the development of this wonderful new high school.”