16 March 2003


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Reconciliation CD - ‘music bridges gap; that’s its power’

Indigenous artist Russell Dawson teaches children how to paint their handprints at the relaunch of The Reconciliation CD - Stories of the Heart, Sounds of the Rock

By Damir Govorcin

“I feel that for reconciliation to work, there needs to be a real and true understanding of our past history,” says indigenous singer and songwriter Andy Alberts.

“Music bridges the gap. That’s the power of music,” he adds.

Andy was speaking at St Patrick’s, Strathfield, at the relaunch of The Reconciliation CD - Stories of the Heart, Sounds of the Rock - which has been produced by Caritas Australia in conjunction with Catholic Missions and Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation.

The CD features a mix of indigenous and non-indigenous artists in its 13 music tracks - Gunditjmara Land (Andy Alberts), Come a Day (Blackfire), From Little Things Big Things Grow (Kev Carmody/Paul Kelly), Sorry Song (Kerry Fletcher), Time to Heal (Midnight Oil), Hymn of the Big Wheel (Wendy Matthews), Solid Rock (Goanna), No Goon No Pah (Tiddas), Yil Lull (Paul Kelly and Singers for the Black and Gold), World of Innocence (Yothu Yindi), Blackfella/Whitefella (Warumpi Band), Raining on the Rock (John Williamson and Warren Williams), We’ll Build a Nation (Neil Murray and Kormilda College).

The songs are interspersed with audio segments highlighting significant historical events, including the 1997 Reconciliation Conference and the Mabo court ruling.

A free study guide to accompany the CD will be made available to school and adult education groups as a resource in the promotion of reconciliation.

It contains suggestions for discussion, action and reflection.

The Reconciliation CD - Stories of the Heart, Sounds of the Rock costs $15 (plus $5 for postage and handling).

To purchase call Caritas Australia on 1800 024 413, e-mail Caritas Australia at or visit