29 June 2003


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By Marilyn Rodrigues

Momentum, a men’s spirituality group based at Peakhurst parish, gives its members a chance to discuss their real feelings about life and faith in a relaxed environment, says its chief founder, Philip Ryall.

It has tapped into a need for men to get together and “chew the cud, discuss our struggles and pass on snippets of wisdom to each other”, says Philip, who is also head of Harvest Pilgrimages.

About 40 men from Peakhurst and neighbouring parishes meet monthly in the Peakhurst parish hall to listen to a guest speaker talk about an aspect of their lives in the context of faith.

Each night has a theme that the men then discuss in small groups. They then share the insights gained with the larger group.

The Archbishop of Sydney, Dr George Pell, has drawn the largest crowd, with 120 men attending to hear him discuss his life’s journey.

Other speakers have included Ron Pirola of the Pontifical Council for the Family, and John Finnaran of the Society of St Vincent de Paul.

The group’s aim is to provide a balance to the many parish groups that are often the domain of women, and also give men what to women comes more naturally, a peer support network.

“It’s not that we don’t want women at the meetings but it’s more the idea that men are often in the shade of women when it comes to exploring their faith,” says Philip.

“Personally speaking, the motivation for Momentum came from a recognition of my own need to be inspired regularly.

“It is all about men needing to grow and be challenged in life and also drawing on the spirituality and wisdom of other men,” he says.

Philip says they try to keep their discussions focused on topics of faith and spirituality.