29 June 2003


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Bombs found at Mass site

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Moral values ‘a major role’ for the Church

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Real feelings of life and faith

Bishop Peter Ingham’s message

Clergy-principals’ conference day

Students share justice issues

New team looks at needs

New director of vocations

Vocation Awareness Diocesan Poster Competition

Diocesan catechists train

Gothic paradise - the legacy of Pugin

Bombs found at Mass site

A month before the Pope’s visit, NATO-led peace-keepers removed 21 World War II-era bombs buried at the site where the Pontiff was to celebrate a Mass for tens of thousands of people in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

A priest who was a child when German troops used the site as an arms dump had warned there might be some bombs buried there.

Searchers found 15 corroded aerial bombs, each about 50kg, and six similar bombs buried beside a church nearby.