18 March 2001

Bishop: bad treatment of outworkers

World unsafe for women

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Catholic Education head defends public schools

Catholic Education head defends public schools

The ongoing terror of being a woman

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Obituary: Death of pioneering Grail leader

Work-life – getting the balance right

Under the oak tree: The gentle one

New seminarians for a new millennium

18 Mar 01

World unsafe for women

After more than 2000 years of Christianity it is a saddening that this world is still not safe for women. Amnesty International took advantage of last week’s International Women’s Day 2001 to publicise the plight of a sizable proportion of half the human race in its report, Broken Bodies, Shattered Minds, which exposes the daily torture and ill-treatment of women that occurs worldwide – see our reports on pages 2 and 4, and our editorial on page 8.